Church of England See of Richborough Diocese of St Albans Luton Deanery

Welcome to Students at the University of Bedfordshire

At the heart of traditional Anglo-Catholic worship, in Luton



An Introduction to St Saviour’s Church


There’s no point denying that university can be tough for a lot of people. Church can be an important aspect of life at university and you can grow a conviction to be a part of the local community as well as the university. At university, having the stability of a local church can be hugely comforting. But it doesn't just stop there, with so much time on your hands and so much going on, there is never a bad time to pray when on your own or with others.


Where are we based?

St Saviour’s is only a 10 minute walk from the centre of town (on the corner of St Saviour's Crescent and Russell Street, LU1 5HG); so, we are truly local to the student community, in Luton.

Who are we and when are our services?

As a traditional Anglo-Catholic church, within the Church of England, we have a particular approach to liturgy and worship but all are welcome to join us. Our late Mass on Sunday (11:15am start) is a great way to stay connected with your faith whilst getting stuck into university life - late Mass is ideal for students (smile). For those who prefer to get their Sunday started with church, we also have an 8:30am Mass.

What can you do when you join us?

At St Saviour's, we recognise that the friends you make at university will influence your life. We are a diverse congregation, so we're sure that you'll find friends who share your values, your commitments, and your passion. St Saviour's is a place to belong with alternative support structures and extra-curricular opportunities too.


We hope that new students be with us for at least the next three/four years – existing students are welcome too. Some may want to help out, to settle in more quickly and meet new people. We welcome those who want to learn or have experience of altar serving. Students could also volunteer to be a Reader or even assist with the post-mass refreshments. If you really want to get to know people, then you can be part of our welcoming ministry and so much more.

What can we offer?

Fr Yenda Smejkal is the Priest-in-Charge at St Saviour's. Fr Yenda will be pleased to offer support and guidance to students. Whatever burden students may be carrying, the sacrament of reconciliation will help to provide a measure of freedom and fullness in their faith. Rather than university being just a time of temptation – there will be a lot of that – it could be also be a time when you build the social relationships that encourage academic excellence and the realisation of your potential.